Tuesday, February 14, 2017


The girls have been attending an amazing all-inclusive sport center I've mentioned before, for just over a year now. It was conceived by a woman who was a competitive gymnast and had a sister with Down Syndrome. She didn't want her sister to miss out on anything so she began teaching gymnastics in her backyard to all the kids in the neighborhood and now, after much effort, has this amazing place. It offers more than I can list: martial arts, archery, ping pong, all kinds of dance, arial ribbon, swimming, veteran's programs, programs to help those who have been paralyzed learn to walk again in case science catches up to their needs, community outreach homework help, and other grant programs such as Fast Forward, which the girls also participate in.

All classes are grouped by age, not ability, and there are plenty of coaches to help everyone. While one child might be a monkey on the bars, another child, such as mine who can grip a bar due to hand deformities, is helped to do whatever they can on the bar, even if it's swinging by the legs. There are kids with missing limbs doing flips, with and without prosthetics. Kids in wheelchairs doing all kinds of things, too. This place is amazing. Every city should have one. Every sport is accessible to anyone and everyone regardless of ability to pay, walk, stand, talk - no matter what.

Anyway, before the Christmas break, the kids spent an entire class learning a little routine to put on for the parents and these pictures came from that practice.

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Nanami Genkaku said...

So many posts! I was missing to read about your family. The girls seem to be so happy and well taken care of in all pictures. Apple is looking so grown up and I cant believe your oldest is 18 already! Hope youre finding more time to be a mom nowadays :)