Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy 13th Birthday, Jie Jie!

Jie Jie turned 13 today, but the fun began yesterday on Valentine's Day when the girls from church came by and "Heart Attacked" her by leaving a trail of paper hearts all over the front yard. Jie Jie followed the heart path and found all the girls hiding, then they came in and had cupcakes.

Tonight, it was dinner with "the gang" then to My Firefighter's house for birthday cake. Jie Jie got the best of both worlds by having a little celebrating with a lot of people, then some celebrating with those really close to her. She helped make her birthday cake, something she wanted to do, so we made an "animal-free" cake which is a very delicious vegan pumpkin cake.

Jie Jie's Heart 4 Heart doll, who she named July, needed winter clothes. Jie Jie kept hinting this at Christmas, but I'd already sewn and shopped for Christmas before she dropped all the hints. So, every night for a week I'd sneak in (or so I thought) and take the doll and make her something. But, turns out, Jie Jie heard me and checked July's position in bed in the morning and saw she'd been moved. Jie Jie said, "I hoped that was what you were doing!" Meaning, she hoped I was sewing things for July.

This cute little guy is about 7 weeks old. We watched him grow in his mommy's tummy from the start. It was a great experience for them as adopted kids to watch that process up close. He's not much bigger than her doll, Bao Bao!


Renate said...

Very Happy birthday Jie Jie!🎂

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jie Jie, I hope you had a lovely celebration. You are blessed to having such a loving family and friends.

Catherine said...

Happy 13th Birthday Jie Jie!!!