Monday, February 20, 2017

Time Out for Mommy

I'm sure everyone's noticed that I'm blogging again after several months of silence. What brought this about?

I have more time.

Where did this time come from?

I'm taking 3 months off of work, which is doing daycare, which adds two toddlers to my 4 girls.

I had no choice.

You've seen last October's post on my mail overload. Well, I never caught up. Until now. The mail is now all caught up.

However, there is a TON more paperwork that needs to be done. Taxes, for one, and a multitude of other paperwork pertaining to the girls' medical, therapy, and programs for the disabled, etc......

It all HAS to get done. No choice. And I couldn't get it done with 6 kids underfoot every day. By the time the weekends hit, I'd be trying to catch up on housework, grocery shopping, fuelling the minivan, yard work, pet care, etc.... Add in there lately, holidays and birthdays and you can imagine that this single mama was more than overworked. I was burning out and my brain was fried!

I've been free of my more difficult daycare child for a week and my other one since last Thursday and it's made a HUGE difference. I can't believe how much I've already gotten done and gotten it done without completely exhausting myself.


Teej said...

I have followed your blog for several years and have seen how busy your life is, so I am very glad that you are getting a little break!

But I am curious how you can take three months off of an in-home daycare. Do you think the two toddlers that you had will come back after the 3 months, or will you have to find new clients? Aren't you worried about getting the reputation of being unreliable? As a working parent, I would be very concerned if our childcare situation took a 3-month break, and I would be seriously looking for alternate permanent care during that time.

I wish you the best during this break!

K said...

This is a good question and one I expected. I definitely won't get the reputation for being unreliable since I've gone above and beyond for my daycare families and they all know it and are very appreciative. There is always the risk of losing clients. However, I didn't have a choice. I am a single mom with very little help. There are certain obligations that cannot be neglected without serious consequences. Book keeping/taxes MUST get done. Jie Jie MUST have surgery. I MUST get more than 3-4 hours of sleep each night.