Saturday, April 29, 2017

Doll Clothes Sewing

This little doll is a Corolle Calin doll. Many of us who have adopted daughters from China have this doll. I love this little sleeper on Calin. It makes her feel so cozy and snuggly and baby-like. I made it from scratch using a commercial sewing pattern. I used the zipper because it's something Apple can manage with the orthopedic situation of her hands. I use hook and loop fastener on everything else. Normally, I'd use snaps.

I saw this design on a website offering the pattern for free but it was too small a size for this doll. I free-hand drafted the pants and then altered the free pattern to fit this doll and be easier to sew. The diaper was my original quick draft.

This summery romper is my own design from scratch and I love it. It's easy to sew, pleats instead of gathers so fitting the pieces together is easy.

For $4.97 at W-mart, I bought these two sleepers, preemie size. I used an online tutorial explaining how to make doll clothes from baby clothes essentially by putting the outfit on the doll inside-out, pinning all around, then sewing over the pinned part. However, I did remove the sleeves and recut them in order to use the wrist binding and get a very nice fit at the neck and shoulders.


Catherine said...

Hannah LOVES the outfits you made for her doll!!! After 8 years in the same outfit she is now changed multiple times each week. THANK YOU!!!

K said...

I LOVED sewing the outfits for Hannah's doll! With summer coming, I'm sure she's going to need some summer outfits, too.....