Saturday, April 29, 2017

Doll Renovation

Look at the delicate detail on the fingernails.

This is baby Bella. She's an Adora 16" doll. Back in December, just three days after Apple received her new baby doll for her birthday, it started falling apart. An eyelash fell off and the arm was tearing at the shoulder. The doll joints were cutting through the fabric. It wasn't because anyone pulled the doll by the arm, but due to the fact that the fabric used to make the doll body was a knit and wasn't durable enough. I ordered another doll and when it came I stayed up all night remodeling the new one to prevent it falling apart. I disassembled it, traced off the body and made a pattern, reduced the girth, made a new body out of sturdy fabric and lined the old body with it. I also added just a little more weight to the doll. This helps strengthen Apple's arms. I also secured the eyelashes better to prevent them from falling off.

For the amount of money I paid for the doll, this should never have happened. Normally, I'd return something that fell apart so quickly, but Apple had already fallen in love with the doll and I had to agree, it was a very cute doll, just a very sweet expression on its face.

Arm tear.

Missing eyelash.

The original doll that was falling apart and got sent back is on the right. The new doll, that I remodeled, is on the left.

Amount of body filling removed.

Narrower, shaped bottom.

Much less fat.

A little belly button, which helps shape the bottom, actually.

More saggy like a baby and less like a heavy-bottomed made-to-sit doll. Without that huge bottom, this doll can now wear a diaper.

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