Saturday, May 6, 2017

April Part 1: Fun at the Park and Merlin's Surgery

We kicked off an extremely busy April at the park. It felt wonderful to take a break from our extreme appointment load to play outside and just enjoy the moment.

For some strange reason, our cat Merlin loves to eat the edges of the rubber floor in our exercise room. We do our best to keep him out of there, but sometimes the girls aren't diligent in closing the door and his luck ran out. After many years of the pieces coming back out of him at one end or the other, some got stuck and he had a huge surgery to get them out of his intestine.

I'm happy to say that the surgery went extremely well! There wasn't any intestinal damage (necrotic intestine is common in cases like this, requiring more extensive surgery) and my vet used a Fentanyl patch for pain management so Merlin didn't suffer and seemed to be very, very comfortable all throughout the post-op period and his full recovery.

This was the day after his surgery.

22 staples on his tummy holding him closed.

Taking a break from the cone under careful supervision.
That's the Fentanyl patch on his foot

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