Saturday, May 6, 2017

April Part 2: Easter and The Dentist

We kept Easter very low-key. We went to church and I made an nice Easter meal. I didn't do baskets, but did get a couple small treats for the girls. It was perfect!

We all went to the dentist this month and it was Apple's first time. The three older girls went on the same day and Apple watched. Then, a few days later, she and I had our appointments. I went first and Apple watched. She wasn't nervous at all and so well that the dentist was able to use pumice and remove some of the stains on her teeth from when they first grew in and she went through all those surgeries during which time teeth brushing was neglected due to pain, screw turning upsets, falling asleep early and then I wasn't willing to wake her.

She looked so tiny, just a little speck in the chair!

Apple has an absolutely delightfully joyful personality. Sugar and spice and everything nice describes her perfectly. I love the way she sleeps with her baby dolls and carefully tucks them in beside her. When she found one last balloon left over from February and wanted to take a walk with the balloon and her baby doll, it was just the cutest, cutest thing. A couple people driving by actually slowed down to wave and smile.

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Lynnea Hameloth said...

The girls are looking so grownup!!! <3