Saturday, May 6, 2017

Day 7 With Cara

I've discovered that I really like having a dog. Having always been a cat person, I did find it oddly disconcerting that when I'd pet her she didn't purr, LOL!

Yesterday, the daily high temp reached 99 degrees so we had our first swim of the season. We took Cara into the pool. While she didn't seem to enjoy the water yet, she did love running around the deck playing with us while we swam. I also heard her bark for the first time yesterday when she was trying to play with the cats. It was a GREAT bark! Anyone hearing it will assume she's much larger than she really is. The cats are great with Cara and she with them. Below is Brother getting to know her.

This was Cara's dinner tonight. Like my cats, she's getting a BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) and some recipes suggest giving dogs an entire egg still in the shell. At the last minute I remembered she'd had enough bones today not to need the extra calcium so I cracked the egg. It seems strange, but when I think about it, foxes and wolves do raid henhouses, eating the chickens as well as the eggs. So, also in the bowl tonight was a duck wing, a piece of beef heart, a single chicken liver, and a little bit of cooked peas. A dog wouldn't seek out vegetables on their own to eat, but if they ate a quirrel or other animal, they'd get some grains and nuts or plant matter because that's what would be in the stomach of the prey and it's be partially digested, which helps the dog absorb the nutrients as it digests.


Jo's Corner said...

Dear K - I am loving these latest posts. There is a sense of peace and content in your sharing. It makes me happy to think that some of the stress from the past couple of years is easing up a bit. Cara looks like she is happier, too! That photo of her lying on her back shows that she relaxing. YaY! All of your girls look like they are more relaxed. I especially enjoyed the doll posts. I love dolls and always have. Look into Reborn dolls! eB*y has some very realistic asian babies.
So glad to see you posting again. Have a good weekend. Hugs to all of you Girls!

a dog lover said...

You have a beautiful dog! I'm also an advocate for raw food. Had a bichon that lived for 17 years with no problems and she ate nothing but raw food.