Saturday, May 6, 2017

April Part 3: The Rodeo

Every year there's a rodeo here, apparently one of the largest in the country. On the last day of the rodeo, before it starts, there's a great event for kids with special needs. They get to try some rodeo skills like roping, rocking bronco riding, and horse riding and rodeo participants escort each child through it all. Jie Jie was escorted by the Rodeo Queen and Apple was escorted by an acrobatic rider from Australia.

It was for kids 12 and under, but once we got there, Jie Jie was invited to participate, much to her animal-loving heart's delight. The older two girls were also invited to take a ride on the horses, too. The participants received a t-shirt, rope, cowboy hat, trophy, and a gift bag from Smokey the Bear. There was also free face painting and Jie Jie made sure to choose a design to match our new dog.

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