Saturday, May 13, 2017

Meet Yoshi

Never having had a dog before, I learned right away, that like cats, two are better than one. We brought Yoshi home last Monday. It's the end of Day 5 with him and it's like he's always been here.

Last Saturday on Cara's first week anniversary with us, we went back to the shelter to look for another dog, having a little guy in mind that we saw on the shelter's website. Turned out he was her yard play buddy but was off site on the adoption truck. Not only did we not get to see him, but when the office staff called to tell the truck staff we wanted him, another family was walking him and decided to adopt him. We looked at another dog called Penny and decided to return the next day with Cara and see how they did together.

Sunday, on the way to the shelter with Cara, I had the overwhelming feeling that I needed to tell the shelter people to put us on a waiting list in case Cara's buddy came back and that the other dog we looked at wasn't the one for us. I walked into the office and the desk clerk recognized me right away and the first thing she said was, "Cara's buddy might be coming back and you can have him. Oh, and Penny got adopted this morning." The person who adopted Cara's buddy was a rather old and infirm lady. The dog escaped from her "impenetrable" yard and she wasn't fit enough to go look for him so the shelter lady was going over to look. If they found him and he was in one piece, we could have him right away.

I got the email on Monday and the dog was found so we all went to get him. He and Cara were so happy to see each other, licking each other's mouths and bouncing around. Best of all, in the play yard, when I called Cara, she came to me right away, tail up, happy and affectionate so the staff could see how well she was doing with us. Such a far cry from them having to carry her out to our car one week before.

Yoshi is a German Shepherd-Beagle mix and weighs in at 31 pounds. He's got perfect manners indoors and out and is especially fine on a leash. He's great with the kids and the cats, but he does snore like crazy and when I pet him, he loves it so much that he started to made funny noises, a cross between a rumble a wheeze a cough and a snore. He sleeps in with Jie Jie and Blossom on his dog bed and Cara sleeps in with me on her dog bed.
Cara is making huge improvements every day. No matter how scared she gets, she doesn't have any aggression - no growling, yipping, nipping - nothing except avoidance. I can take food right out of her mouth if I want. Her greatest weakness is that she's afraid of people (not us). She cowers and becomes a statue and averts her head. This makes walking her difficult. As long as no one comes along, she's fine. If she does see another person, she freezes. She also doesn't like cars, but she's getting over that, at least during the day. She wants to come out with Yoshi and I at night, but when she sees shadows and headlights, her fear gets the best of her. Tonight, I let her go back inside then left with Yoshi. She'd pushed the screen door open while we were gone and escaped. Luckily, Yoshi's super Beagle nose led me right to her and she was still in our yard and close to our house.

Her desire to be with us is working in her favor. She was in the wagon today crossing the street to the park (because she refused to walk) but got excited after only 30 feet or so and walked the rest of the way. She's starting to see the wagon as her safe place and both dogs are doing well walking beside it or the stroller.

This morning when I put the two dogs out in the yard, I peeked at them through my bedroom window without them seeing me (otherwise they run right up to me) and saw Cara absolutely flying through the yard. She must have some kind of racing breed mixed in with her to account for such a long, airborne stride. It would account for her lean line, too.


Anonymous said...

Dogs are great for children especially those with special needs.

Anonymous said...

I want a second dog for my dog so badly, but not sure because of space issues. I just know it would be good for him, as he's a pretty anxious guy too but not afraid of people, just doesn't know how to calm himself when new people are around.

I was going to try a thuder vest on him for his anxiety. Would that be something that would work for Cara perhaps?