Monday, May 1, 2017

Our Very First Dog: Introducing Caramel

Introducing Caramel, who we call Cara, for short. She's an Anatolian Shepherd mix, about 1.5 years old and 41 pounds. Last week, we nearly hit a dog that bolted out into the street. I finally caught the dog, got the chip read and found the owner. The owner offered to sell us one of their dog's puppies, but I thought that a puppy would be way too much work and buying a dog for several hundred dollars when so many filled the rescue shelters seemed wrong. After several days of thought and research, I finally found our Cara. We have her on a week trial since she has some issues with timidity. After only two days, she's already making improvement, but we do need a dog that will walk on a leash and play. I can't stand the thought of returning her, so I'm leaving the option open to adding another dog to help her and be our main dog pet. All that said, I'm pretty sure she's going to come around and be a happy and carefree dog. Tonight she actually grabbed a toy in her mouth. She didn't do much with it, but she did give playing a small try and where there's a small try, more can come.

She's pretty and so gentle. She has already started bonding with me and I'm training Jie Jie to handle her, who is the one who really NEEDS a dog and has always wanted one. I'm following the "calm and assertive pack leader" method which is working out very well with Cara. This method encourages patience, patience, patience and it's really paid off with Cara, who finally walked into our home on her own after freezing like a statue on the threshold for a very, very, very long time when we first got home.

Cara sat outside without moving until finally deciding to follow me inside.

Waiting in the entryway, waiting to see if anything scary was around the corner.

Hmm, the next corner revealed the family room, but she still took a long time before coming in.

She kept her head averted to avoid eye contact, even with the cats, who behaved beautifully.
Rose went nose-to-nose with Cara and neither flinched at all.

Once Cara found her bed, she immediately sank into it and wouldn't come off it. I had to pick her up to get her into the back yard to go potty.

In Jie Jie's own words, "My dream came true."

Nini and Rubi also went nose-to-nose with Cara and neither flinched.

Not a food motivated dog at all.
These treats are generally well-liked and eventually one of my cats snatched it.


Anonymous said...

Great!! Dogs are so good for children.

Anonymous said...

My first dog was a rescue named cara. She was also shy but turned into a wonderful family dog for our four kids. I wish you the same success with your cara