Saturday, July 29, 2017

German Shepherd Puppy?

Hmm, what's in there?

Whatever it is, I want to play with it!

It's a puppy!

But wait, she isn't a German Shepherd!

She looks like a lab-shepherd mix.

She's so sweet, we like her anyway!
Can we keep her?

This is Peyton. She's 4 months old and already 30 pounds. She's the same size as Yoshi - for now. She was left behind when her original people moved away. A neighbor rescued her and put her on Craig's List where a nice family found her. They cared for her for a month then realized they couldn't meet her needs. Their backyard had a rock garden and pool and no fence around the pool. They were afraid she'd drown so they decided to put her on Craig's List again, right when we were looking for a puppy to go with our other puppy that we didn't have home yet. We drove over 100 miles to get her and we fell in love with her. We've had her for 2 weeks now.

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Kendra Y. said...

What sweet puppies! I found my rescue on Facebook and drove two states over to get her. It's the best decision I ever made, she's been the best addition to my family. Did you take the girls with you? I'm glad they're so excited with the new additions. God bless you and your family!